Academic Success - CG 100 and Early Alerts

The faculty and staff at OCCC are committed to your academic success. 

CG 100, College Survival and Success is a 3 credit class offered multiple times each year. It is recommended that all students new to OCCC complete CG 100 in their first or second term.

CG 100 looks at success in college from several angles. The first is one of academic skills and preparedness. The course encourages students to evaluate and try new ways of managing time, notetaking, reading, preparing for tests, and more. The second focus area is on personal beliefs and strengths coming into college and how students can improve their mindset and goal setting strategies to persist when difficulties arise. Many student scholarships and grants require timely completion of this course.

In addition to the targeted college preparation course CG 100, all faculty work with advisors to identify students who may be having a challenging term. If your instructors notice that your grades are dropping, you are not turning in assignments, or not attending class they may send an "early alert" to your advisor, who will contact you by phone. Always answer your advisors calls or respond to messages, they are calling to check in and offer resources.