MUP 192A : Applied Music/Miscellaneous

Provides individual private instruction on miscellaneous instrument from the western and global traditions. Develops applied performance skills at the music major/minor level. Covers repertory and technique methods drawn from classical and/or jazz traditions. Includes training in performance practice and stylistic interpretation through focus on tone production, technique, articulation, sight-reading and other aspects of musicianship as applied to the performance of miscellaneous instruments.

All applied music students are required to attend weekly lessons, attend weekly performance classes, participate in public performance, and complete a music jury. A substantial amount of out-of-lesson practice time is required.

Course Outcomes

  • Use an understanding of elementary musicianship and performance etiquette to perform basic solo instrumental repertory.
  • Use an understanding of elementary music literacy to prepare and rehearse basic solo instrumental repertory for performance.
  • Use an elementary understanding of stylistic distinctions in basic solo instrumental repertory to accurately interpret music in performance.
  • Use an elementary understanding of the student’s instrument to continue to improve as a performer.

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1 - 2

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