AQS 202: Applied Learning in Aquarium Science II

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Second semester of Applied Learning in Aquarium Science. This course provides degree-seeking students beginning their second year in the Program enhanced learning opportunities and additional development by applying what they learned in their first year in instructor-directed projects in the Teaching Aquarium or at an offsite facility.

Course Outcomes

Working under the guidance of a mentor, students would demonstrate:

  • Enhanced interpretation of water chemistry tests results and the implantation of a response plan for proactive water quality management on one or more systems.
  • A consistently practiced understanding of the importance of proper documentation in the health of aquatic animals and life support systems and how this information enhances a team approach to animal health.
  • How changes in animal behavior, appetite, coloration and responses to stimuli often indicate an underlying health problem and formulate an informed hypothesis regarding the nature of the problem.
  • An advanced understanding of aquatic life support components and functions, including how to properly disassemble, inspect and perform maintenance and replacement of worn parts.
  • Enhanced daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual husbandry duties to promote optimal system and aquatic animal health.
  • How to describe theories and principles of advanced husbandry verbally and in writing.
  • How to develop a dietary regimen for larger and more challenging species designed to promote optimal animal health, including weighing animals and charting how changes in diet affect weight, activity levels and other metrics.
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