AQS 226: Biology of Diverse Captive Species

Credits 2
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Examines the basic husbandry and system requirements of a broad range of phyla found in public aquariums, research, and other zoological collections. Highlights specialized needs of selected invertebrate and fish species and introduces students to challenges and considerations for reptile, amphibian, avian, and marine mammal husbandry.

Course Outcomes
  • Understand the basic husbandry requirements of diverse captive species with specialized needs.
  • Discuss the broad taxonomic groups represented in public aquarium collections.
  • Identify high risk stages in the life history of selected species.
  • Determine and describe a suitable habitat for selected species.
  • Prescribe appropriate husbandry protocol for selected species.
  • Relate legislative and husbandry issues to the care of diverse captive species.
Grading Options
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