AQS 245: Animal Husbandry in a Research Capacity

Credits 2
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Examines the use of fish in research and the ethical issues associated with this practice. Common procedures and research methodology such as anesthesia, biopsy, blood draws, minor surgeries, field study, behavioral techniques, and euthanasia will be presented.

Course Outcomes
  • Explain the role of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee or similar entity that is responsible for monitoring the quality of animal care at a research facility.
  • Distinguish between animal rights and animal welfare perspectives.
  • Develop a Standard Operating Procedure for the transport, acclimation, quarantine, feeding and husbandry of a healthy population of fish for research purposes.
  • Discuss the responsibilities of the aquarist or animal husbandry technician as it relates to fish husbandry and welfare.
  • Implement measures to reduce workplace hazards.
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