ART 197 : Artist's Skills/Practical Issues

Professional practices relevant to emerging artists' careers. Workshop/lecture format includes resume and portfolio preparation, developing resources and community, gaining exposure and representation for artwork, creating publicity, basic marketing and exhibition strategies, presenting and installing art work, business concerns, art market dynamics, art collecting.

Course Outcomes

Students will:

  • Participate in studio work sessions, field trips, class discussions, presentations, and critiques.
  • Develop personal and/or professional mission statement.
  • Compose professional artist resume.
  • Compose professional artist's statement.
  • Create and present (visual) document/portfolio of artwork with slides, PowerPoint presentation, web site, video, show or alternative methods.
  • Compile, organize, assess and employ ongoing records of professional artist resources, skills, community, and business.
  • Define, apply and document 10-20 hours of practical, art-related skills in the community through a Service Learning project, through internships in an arts related field or through personally defined projects.

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Grading Options

Letter Grades


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