ART 231A: Drawing II

Credits 3
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Deepens basic perceptual drawing techniques and tools as well as the understanding of the language of drawing in historical and contemporary contexts. Further develops critical skills for sighting, measuring, designing and constructing in drawing. This is the first course in a three-course sequence.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

  • Implement deeper creative strategies to solve problems in making drawings.
  • Implement a developed vocabulary to be able to actively participate in a critical dialogue about drawing with others.
  • Manifest autonomous expression through drawing while recognizing the standards and definitions already established by both contemporary and historical works of art from different cultures.
  • Employ perceptual and conceptual skills to develop a richer experience of the visual world.

Instructor permission also accepted.

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Additional Information

This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Arts and Letters/ASOT-B, Arts and Letters/AS, Arts and Letters/AAOT, Arts and Letters/AAS, Arts and Letters/AGS.