ART 271B: Printmaking II

Credits 3
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Explores intermediate advanced printmaking techniques (e.g. sugar lift, color, glazes) and complete a variety of projects (e.g. folio sets and books) while addressing historical and contemporary issues. Includes critiques, discussions, and presentations to establish critical skills necessary to evaluate prints, explore artistic intent, examine aesthetic and structural solutions, and expand perceptual awareness.

Course Outcomes
  • Find and develop creative ways to solve printmaking problems using a variety of strategies for intermediate advanced monoprints, relief and
    intaglio processes.
  • Create personal hand-printed artwork, which demonstrates an intermediate advanced level of printmaking ideas, processes, materials, and techniques associated with monoprints, relief and basic intaglio processes.
  • Ask meaningful questions, identify ideas and issues, and be able to actively participate in a critical dialogue about printmaking with others using
    intermediate advanced level vocabulary.
  • Understand, interpret, and enjoy prints of the past and the present from different cultures to initiate a lifelong process of expanding knowledge on
    the diversity of perspectives of the human experience.
  • Develop a heightened awareness of the physical world, the nature of the relationship of human beings to it, and our impact on it via the experience of making prints.
  • Employ self-critiquing skills to develop autonomous expression through printmaking while recognizing the standards and definitions already
    established by both contemporary and historical works of art from different cultures.

Instructor permission also accepted.

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