ART 287A : Water Media II

Explores intermediate and more advanced studio watercolor painting techniques, materials, and concepts while addressing historical and contemporary issues to increase visual literacy. Presents a conceptual framework for critical analysis along with advanced art theory.


Instructor permission also accepted.

Course Outcomes

  • Solve more complex problems using additional strategies for expressing visual ideas through the Water Media painting medium.
  • Create advanced personal works of art, which demonstrate an intermediate knowledge of the watercolor painting discipline, and the processes, materials, and techniques associated with Water Media.
  • Ask meaningful questions, identify topical issues, and employ an expanding Water Media painting vocabulary in critical dialogue about the Water Media painting discipline.
  • Understand, interpret, and enjoy water media painting from different cultures facilitating increased engagement with the diversity of perspectives in the human experience.
  • Enjoy a more sophisticated awareness of the physical world, the nature of the relationship of human beings to it, and our impact on it via the experience of Water Media painting.
  • Implement expanded self-critiquing skills en route to autonomous expression through Water Media painting with respect to the standards established in contemporary and historical works of art.

Additional Information

This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Arts and Letters/AAS, Arts and Letters/AGS, Arts and Letters/AS, Arts and Letters/ASOT-B, Arts and Letters/AAOT.

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Grading Options

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