Associate Degree

Associate of General Studies (AGS)


The Associate of General Studies degree is designed for students wishing to acquire a broad education, rather than pursue a specific college major or career technical program. Because of the flexibility of this degree, it may not fulfill requirements for transfer to a four-year institution.

Academic Requirements

The Associate of General Studies is awarded to students who meet the following:

1. Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements

2. Associate of General Studies (AGS) Requirements:

A. General Education Requirement: Students must earn a minimum of 16 credits of General Education taken from the General Education /Discipline Studies List. These credits must come from courses taken in the following categories:

• Arts and Letters

• Social Sciences

• Science/Math/Computer Science

The 16 credits must include at least one course with a minimum of three credits from each category. General Education requirements for the AGS degree will be waived for students who enroll at OCCC with an AA, AAS, AGS, AS, BA, BS degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution or foreign equivalent.

B. Basic Competency Requirements in writing and math for the AGS degree:

   Writing: Competency in writing must be demonstrated by either:

• Completing WR 121Z with a C or better, or

• Passing a lower division collegiate* writing course for which WR 121Z is a prerequisite with a C or better

Students with AA, AAS, AGS, AS, BA, BS, degrees or higher from a regionally accredited institution or foreign equivalent, will have the basic competency in writing (WR 121Z) waived

   Math: Competency in mathematics must be demonstrated by:

• Completing with a grade of C or P or better MTH 58, MTH 63 or MTH 65 , or

• Passing the OCCC Competency Exam for MTH 65, or

• Completing with a grade of C or P or better a MTH course (minimum of three credits) for which MTH 58, MTH 63 or MTH 65 or higher level math skills are a prerequisite

C. Elective Credit Requirements - All students must complete elective credits to meet the overall requirement of 90 credits for this degree. Elective credits may apply from any course numbered 100 or higher (either lower division collegiate or career technical). Elective credit limitations are:

• Maximum of six credits (100 level and above) of Physical Education (PE) may apply

• Maximum of six one-credit Management/Supervisory Development (MSD) workshops may apply

• Maximum of 24 credits of Occupational Skills Training (OST) classes may apply

AGS Degree Outcomes

Students who complete this degree should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively by determining the purpose, audience and context of communication, and respond to feedback to improve clarity, coherence and effectiveness in workplace, community, and academic pursuits.
  • Apply scientific, cultural, and political perspectives to natural and social systems and use an understanding of social change and social action to address the consequences of local and global human activity.
  • Identify and investigate problems, evaluate information and its sources, and use appropriate methods of reasoning to develop creative and practical solutions to personal, professional, and community issues.
  • Use an understanding of the variations in human culture, perspectives and forms of expression to constructively address issues that arise out of cultural differences in the workplace and community.
  • Assess, examine and reflect on one’s own academic skill, professional competence, and personal beliefs and how these impact others.
  • Fulfill their educational needs using a variety of college level courses including lower division collegiate and career technical.