Auditing a Course

Students may wish to audit a class if they wish to enroll in credit courses, but do not wish to receive grades or credits. However, auditing students must pay full tuition and fees and obtain the instructor's permission for a student to audit a course. College policies and procedures may change at any time. Changes may affect programs, policies, procedures, curriculum, calendar, schedules, instructors, or costs. The college will attempt to post important changes and new information on the college web page. This catalog is an informational guide for students planning courses of study, but students should periodically consult with an advising specialist or college staff for updated information not available at the time of publication. This catalog and class schedules shall not be construed as a contract between the student and the College.

An audit carries no credit, and therefore does not meet degree of certificate requirements, nor does it contribute to a full-time student status. A student wishing to change from credit to audit, or audit to credit, must do so within the first week of the course for a full-term length course. After the first week of the term, audits may not be reversed for a letter grade and credit classes may not be changed to an audit. Not all courses are available for audit. Check with Enrollment Services for more information.

To request an audit:


  1. A student will email faculty member requesting audit.
  2. The faculty member will forward student email with his/her email to Enrollment Services granting permission for the student to audit a class.
  3. Enrollment Services will change the student to an audit if the course is available for audit.