Basic Skills: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Classes


ESOL classes are available to students whose native language is not English and who want to improve their basic English language proficiency. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, and American culture are taught. Classes are open to anyone 16 years of age and older. Orientation is not required and students may enter ESOL classes at any time.

Contact for information on days, times, and locations of classes.

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Courses include:

XELL44 Multi-Level ESOL (Off-Campus Full Term)
XELL45M Multi-Level ESOL - Morning (Full Term)
XELL45E Multi-Level ESOL - Evening (Full Term)
XELL47 Multi-Level ESOL - Distance
XELL48 Multi-Level ESOL (Off-Campus Half Term)
XELL49M Multi-Level ESOL - Morning (Half Term)


Multi-Level ESOL - Evening (Half Term)

Course Description:

Provides the foundational, intermediate, and advanced skills in English for speakers of other languages, in order to develop and improve the student’s ability to speak and understand both oral and written English; to develop and improve reading, writing, and critical thinking skills; and to appreciate and be successful in an American cultural environment. This course is for all levels of English language learning, from beginners with little exposure to English to high level speakers wanting to brush up on skills. This class combines listening, speaking, reading, and writing.