BA 280A: Cooperative Education: Business Experience

Credits 1 6
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Offers relevant field experience in business environments in one of the following areas: bookkeeping, marketing, management, international business, advertising, banking, purchasing, investment, finance and customer services (sales or credit services). Allows exploration of career options. Course may be repeated for credit up to 12 credits.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the training, students shall have the ability to:

  • Work in the business field.
  • Obtain further training in their selected field.
  • Write learning objectives for their subsequent field experience plan.
  • Have a better understanding of the skills and demands of their chosen field.
  • Further explore the career field of their choice.
  • Apply the job skills they acquired to help them become more employable.

Completion of 12 BA credits and instructor permission.

Grading Options
Letter Grades
Additional Information

Provides on-the-job application of business skills coordinated with seminar and assignment activities. Skills will be developed by assigning student to a selection of tasks in the job setting.  The selection of tasks will be made by employing supervisor, OCCC coordinator/instructor, and student trainee.

Relevant field experience is on-the-job business environments, in one of the following areas:  bookkeeping, marketing, advertising, management, international business, banking, purchasing, investment, finance, and customer service (sales or credit services).  This experience allows students to explore career options.

The student is primarily responsible for finding a job.  The job experience can be paid or non-paid position.