CG 190 : Intercultural Leadership for Mentors

Explores concepts of cross-cultural leadership and mentorship styles. Assists in the development of leadership and mentorship skills with the intent of supporting college success and retention of self and others. Includes teambuilding, goal-setting, role modeling, public speaking, time management, ethics, diversity, and customer service. Inspires the cultivation of a personal leadership vision and cross-cultural awareness, respect, and understanding.


Must pass a criminal background check if working with middle or high school students.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion students will be able to:

  • Incorporate personal leadership vision and cross cultural awareness when leading or mentoring groups or individuals across a range of diverse environments.
  • Adapt leadership strategies and activities in accordance with needs and goals of participants.
  • Apply workshop facilitation skills and portfolio development in the work environment.

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Grading Options

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