Communication Studies


COMM 111Z: Public Speaking

Credits 4

Introduces speechmaking based primarily on a traditional public speaking approach. Covers classical rhetorical theory and highlights rhetoric's importance to public speaking. Develops theoretical understanding and practical application of oral communication skills. Includes techniques in controlling speech anxiety, how to structure and organize information to present to a variety of audiences, and physical and vocal delivery skills.

COMM 140: Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Credits 4

Explores the nature and impact of different cultures on communication. Includes interactive relationship forms as the basis for global understanding in the classroom, business or travel. Focus on processing messages with accelerating changes in political, economic and immigration patterns through individual cultural perceptions. Understand and communicate with people who are "different."

COMM 215: Small Group Communication: Process and Theory

Credits 4

Problem solving aspects of small group activities. Includes process and task, leadership, verbal and non-verbal messages in the small group, norms and roles, conflict reduction, and decision making. Focuses on theory and practice.

COMM 218Z: Interpersonal Communication: Process and Theory

Credits 4

Introduces interpersonal communication in different contexts in order to build and manage relationships. Focuses on message exchange in person-to-person interactions; emphasizes theoretical principles and their application. Concentrates on the development of communication skills to build communication competence in interpersonal contexts.

COMM 228: Mass Communication and Society

Credits 4

Surveys media of mass communication and the effects on society. Introduces the history, development and technological advances of mass communication systems and their subsequent role in society, public discourse and the individual. Includes an analysis of print and broadcast journalism, advertising, public relations, television, film and new media.