COMM 130 : Business & Professional Communication

Focuses on communication as it relates to business and professional settings. Explores the climates, settings, philosophies, and practices of organizational communication, including effective business presentations.

Business and Professional Speech Communication, is a course which provides students the opportunity to develop skills and understandings useful in the career environment.  A variety of communication situations may be analyzed, including: problem solving; discussion groups; organizational networks; interviewing; and, conference planning and speaking.  This course emphasizes the theory and practice of communication as it relates particularly to business and professional settings.  Readings and discussions focus upon the philosophies and practice of organizational communication.  Basic concepts of effective speech communication are presented, which students can apply in their career environments.


Equivalent placement test scores also accepted.

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion:

  • Use an understanding of communication principles to effectively speak, listen, and interact, both verbally and non-verbally, within business and professional environments. 
  • Discern and apply communication in the modern organization, especially as it relates to persuasive strategies and the dissemination of information. 

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Grading Options

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