EMS 136 : Advanced EMT Part 2

Develops skills for recognizing symptoms of illness and injuries. Covers proper procedures of emergency care at the Advanced EMT level. Continuation of AEMT Part I. Requires passing criminal background check and drug screen before placement into mandatory clinical and internship experience. Part 2 of the 2-part Advanced EMT course sequence.


EMS 135 at OCCC within the last year and Current HCP CPR card; Current Oregon EMT licensure; Department permission required.

Recommended Prerequisites:

Course Outcomes

  • Employ basic and advanced elements of Advanced EMT patient assessment, in order to develop treatment plans for live patient encounters in clinical and prehospital environments
  • Perform appropriate interventions within the Advanced EMT scope of practice, with regard to anatomical, physiological, and pathophysiological differences in a variety of live patient encounters in clinical and prehospital environments

Additional Information

If not taking this course immediately following successful completion of EMS 135, reapplication to Health Occupations Department is required.

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Grading Options

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