Food & Nutrition


FN 110 : Personal Nutrition

Explores personal food habits and beliefs. Emphasizes practical application of nutrition knowledge to enhance general health. Includes analyzing one's present diet and evaluating it according to latest nutritional guidelines. Covers basic nutrition and little or no science background is necessary to succeed.



Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Use credible nutrition information to promote individual and community health.
  • Apply nutrition principles to implement and follow a healthy and sustainable eating plan.

FN 225 : Nutrition

Introduces components of an adequate diet, nutrient availability and utilization. Analyze dietary intake and compare to current scientific guidelines. Examines peripheral factors influencing diet such as global and local issues, cultural environment, and elements of food safety. Strong background in life sciences recommended.




MTH 60 or high accepted.

Understand major functions, characteristics and food sources of nutrients and connect pertinent factors between an individual’s lifestyle and diet in order to choose foods that will provide a varied, adequate diet.