General Education Requirements - Social Sciences

The General Education credits must come from the approved OCCC General Education/Discipline Studies List.

In order to ensure a breadth of learning, which is the cornerstone of the General Education requirements, the following limitations apply:

  1. Courses taken to satisfy the basic college competencies in composition and mathematics will not be accepted.
  2. For AAS Degrees, no more than two courses may come from courses required by specific programs.*
  3. When an existing course meeting a General Education requirement is expanded into a multi-course sequence with the same course number with varying suffixes (e.g., 101 becomes 101a, 101b, 101c), any course in the sequence may be used to meet the General Education requirement. However, an individual student may use only one course in the sequence toward fulfillment of the requirement, even if the student takes multiple courses in the sequence.

*Note: Because of these restrictions, it is possible that a course is acceptable as General Education for some students while it is not acceptable for others. Degree candidates who are unsure of how the General Education Policy applies to their individual cases are responsible for seeking help from an advisor or counselor.

The complete and official list of courses approved as General Education/Discipline Studies is maintained by the Instructional Leadership Team.

Criteria for General Education/Discipline Studies Course Approval are developed by the Instructional Leadership Team based on the General Education Philosophy statement and the statewide outcomes and criteria for Discipline Studies for the AAOT.

Social Sciences Course List

Course Title Cultural Literacy
ATH 101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology  
ATH 102 Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory  
ATH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  
BA 208 Introduction to Nonprofits & Philanthropy  
EC 201 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics  
EC 202 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics  
GEO 106 World Regional Geography
GEO 206 Geography of Oregon
HEC 226 Child Development  
HST 101 History of Western Civilization: Ancient to Medieval
HST 102 History of Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern
HST 103 History of Western Civilization: Modern Europe
HST 104 History of the Middle East
HST 105 History of India and South Asia
HST 106 History of China
HST 107 History of Korea and Japan
HST 201 History of the United States to 1840
HST 202 History of the United States 1840-1914
HST 203 History of the United States 1914 to Present
HST 204 History of Women in the U.S.: Pre-colonial to 1877
HST 205 History of Women in the U.S.: 1877 to Present
HST 218 American Indian History
HST 225 History of Women, Sex, and the Family
HST 240 Oregon History
HST 270 History of Mexico
HST 271 History of Central America and the Caribbean
HST 277 History of the Oregon Trail
HST 285 The Holocaust
PS 201 U.S. Government  
PS 202 U.S. Public Policy & Democracy  
PS 203 State and Local Government  
PS 205 Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation
PSY 101 Psychology and Human Relations  
PSY 201A Introduction to Psychology - Part 1
PSY 202A Introduction to Psychology - Part 2
SOC 204 Sociology in Everyday Life
SOC 205 Social Changes in Societies  
SOC 206 Social Problems
SOC 213 Diversity in the United States
SOC 214A Illumination Project I: Interactive Social Justice Theater
SOC 214B Illumination Project II: Interactive Social Justice Theater
SOC 214C Illumination Project III: Interactive Social Justice Theater
SOC 218 Sociology of Gender