Hazing is defined as any action that endangers the physical, emotional, mental health or safety of an individual, or destroys or damages personal property for the purpose of initiation, membership, admission or participation in a group or organization.

Oregon Coast Community College will not tolerate hazing in any form. This applies to faculty, staff, and students. Some important things to know about hazing:

  • Expressed or implied consent of the person subject to hazing is not a defense.
  • Apathy and acquiescence in the presence of hazing are not neutral acts; they are violations of this rule.
  • Hazing is prohibited under Oregon Law, ORS 163.197, under which hazing is a criminal violation.


Examples of hazing could include, but are not limited to: 

  • interfering with a Student's academic performance by denying sufficient time for class or study
  • compelling ingestion of any substance
  • compelling participation in physical activities such as calisthenics, exercise, or other games or activities requiring physical exertion
  • compelling exposure to weather elements or other physically or emotionally uncomfortable situations
  • compelling excessive fatigue from sleep deprivation, physical activities, or exercise
  • committing any act of physical brutality against another including but not limited to paddling, striking with fists, open hands or objects, and branding
  • compelling conduct that can be reasonably expected to embarrass or adversely affect the dignity of another, including the performance of public stunts and activities
  • compelling another to commit any sexual act or engage in lewd behavior; 
  • compelling any act that results in the destruction, defacement or removal of private or public property


If you have experienced or witnessed hazing, or have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact Vice President Student Affairs, 541-867-8511