HE 242: Stress and Human Health

Credits 4
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Explores and analyzes stress and its relationship to human health. Examines various personal stressors and the links between stress and disease. Covers how to manage stress with healthy coping and relaxation techniques by using current research and multiple perspectives. Evaluates personal stressors and surveys numerous methods to manage stress.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Describe the relationship between stress, human health, behaviors, and perceptions.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of stress.
  • Summarize the physiological response to stress and how it impacts human health.
  • Identify stressors and possible root causes using health models.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of stress management strategies and relaxation techniques on a personal level.
  • Explore information from credible research on stress and health.
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