Inclement Weather

Severe rain, wind, and sometimes snow are regular occurrences at the Central Oregon Coast during fall and winter months. On rare occasions, the College may need to close temporarily. If, for any reason, this information is not disseminated via local radio stations, the College's voicemail at the Central County Campus will reflect the College's status. (The College's regular voicemail indicates a regular schedule.)

Because of varying circumstances throughout the county, there may be a situation in which an instructor may not be able to make it to class although the College remains open. In that case, the instructor will contact the College as well as email the students in their classes. Students are urged to carefully evaluate their particular situation before traveling to the College. Personal safety is paramount. Please listen to local radio stations for any closure or reduction of schedule due to inclement weather.

The College also utilizes a fast alert system called Flash Alert. Please visit to sign up for notifications. You can also check the College website at