Installment Payment Plan

The College offers the Installment Payment Plan to help students meet tuition expenses more easily. Students can arrange for a payment plan with Student Accounts at 541-867-8551. Any student may participate in the Installment Payment Plan, except those noted below.

For students who qualify, the following conditions apply:
A $20 processing fee will be charged.
A minimum payment of 1/3 plus the $20 processing fee must be made by the payment deadline each term.
The remaining balance, after down payment, will be divided into two equal installments. A late payment charge of $25 will be added to the outstanding balance for each installment that is not made by the due date Any balance remaining on the last day of the term may immediately be referred to a collection agency, the Oregon Department of Revenue, or an attorney for collection. Collection and/or attorney fees will be added to the outstanding balance.
Any balance due may be deducted from all financial assistance or scholarships awarded. Students will not be allowed to register for subsequent terms until their account is paid in full.

NOTE: The Installment Payment Plan is not available to:
Students receiving full funding from financial assistance, scholarships, or alternate source.
Students owing less than $100.