LIB 127: Information Research in a Field of Study or Profession

Credits 2
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Explores a discipline or job-related field by learning what professionals and scholars read, write and talk about. Covers where research and information is published and how to access relevant information efficiently. Examines the jargon used in a field of study or profession and how evidence is used in decision making.

Use this class to develop skills in finding and evaluating information in a specific area of study, and experience using an academic library.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Investigate topics and issues by examining discipline-based research.
  • Describe how information is created and communicated in a field of study or profession.
  • Apply an understanding of how evidence is used in a field of study or profession to evaluate information and make effective decisions or solve a problem.
  • Access specialized information using tools such as research databases and the web.

Equivalent placement test scores also accepted.

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