NUR 102 : Certified Nursing Assistant Level 2: Acute Care

Covers knowledge and skills necessary for a Certified Nursing Assistant 2 to work in an acute care facility. This course meets the Oregon State Board of Nursing (OSBN) requirements for the Certified Nursing Assistant 2 registry.


CNA 1 License from the OSBN also required.

Course Outcomes

  • Deliver healthcare with relevant cultural knowledge and communicate between people from culturally diverse backgrounds using therapeutic and professional communication techniques in the clinical setting.
  • Recognize and report normal and abnormal patterns in clinical findings and behaviors of clients to members of the health care team.
  • Provide care through adherence to clients’ plan of care through taking action within designated responsibilities and as directed by the Registered Nurse.
  • Demonstrate person-centered care by meeting the individual person’s needs, preferences and abilities.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in skills related to common disease processes and conditions that affect body system function and the person functional ability.
  • Apply proper use of diagnostic, safety, and therapeutic devices within the Nursing Assistant’s scope of care.
  • Distinguish between personal and professional values and legal/ethical responsibilities in practice.

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Grading Options

Letter Grades


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