NUR 141: Fundamentals of Nursing

Credits 12
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Presents concepts and skills that lay a foundation for entry into the nursing profession. Provides opportunities to attain the knowledge and skills that are necessary to promote health, prevent disease, and deliver basic nursing care to individual patients across the lifespan. The skills laboratory section is the first of five in the Nursing sequence.

Course Outcomes
  • Utilize an understanding of conceptual foundations of nursing; nursing process, critical thinking and holistic care, as they apply to the nursing role in care of patients with common health disturbances.
  • Recognize how facts and principles from physical, biological, social, and behavioral sciences are applied to planning care for individuals across the life span.
  • Apply selected health promotion concepts in care of patients from diverse backgrounds in various health care settings
  • Use therapeutic and professional communication techniques in the clinical setting.
  • Provide basic nursing care for patients using facts and principles from physical, biological, social, and behavioral sciences.
  • Distinguish between personal and professional values, and legal/ethical responsibilities in practice
  • Follow standard safety and infection control measures to perform nursing skills correctly in the skills practice laboratory.

Admission to the nursing program. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment in BI 233 accepted.

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