NUR 241: Care of Patients with Complex Health Problems

Credits 12
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Covers clinical decision-making when providing care to patients with complex physical and mental health problems. Emphasizes increased independence, judgment and critical thinking in the nursing role. Includes the fourth skills laboratory section in the Nursing sequence.

Course Outcomes
  • Develop comprehensive, holistic, individualized plans of care for patients with acute and chronic psychiatric disorders, infectious disease, gastrointestinal problems, acute and chronic pain, endocrine problems and fluid/ electrolyte/acid-base problems.
  • Function with increased independence in clinical decision-making and the application of nursing process to patients with complex physical and/or mental health problems.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of health teaching plans that are culturally sensitive and revise plans appropriately.
  • Communicate therapeutically with patients experiencing difficulty coping across the mental health continuum.
  • Organize and prioritize components of care requiring complex assessments and interventions for assigned patients; consistently reports pertinent information to the health care team.
  • Differentiate the scope of practice and legal responsibilities of the registered nurse and licensed practical nurse in Oregon.
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