Payment Policies

By registering for a class at Oregon Coast Community College, students incur a legal obligation to pay all tuition, fees, and any other charges relating to enrollment, even if the charges are being paid by another party. Unless students officially drop courses within the full refund period each term, they are obligated to meet the payment deadline found on the academic calendar.

Cash, personal checks (payable to OCCC), American Express, MasterCard, and VISA are accepted. A deferred tuition plan is available*. See Installment Payment Plan below for more information.

Returned (non-sufficient funds-NSF) checks pose special processing problems. A $25 charge will be assessed for returned checks. NSF checks will not be returned to a bank for payment. Students will be notified by the Business Office when an NSF check is presented to the College. At this time students will have five (5) days to clear the debt, or the College will withdraw the student from classes. Returned checks must be made "good" with cash, money order, or cashier's check. Uncollected checks will be assessed additional fees (up to $50 per check) and submitted to a collection agency. The first NSF check incident will result in a six (6) month suspension of payment-by-check privileges. A second incident will result in a complete loss of payment-by-check privileges. If the error was caused by a bank, a letter from the bank stating this fact must be presented to the College.

All monies owed to the College for previous terms must be paid before a student can register for the current term.

*Students need to clear any outstanding financial obligations owed to the College, and return any overdue library books before the end of the term. Students with past-due debts payable to OCCC will not be allowed to register until the balance is paid. An unsatisfactory credit history via OCCC will prevent eligibility for a deferred tuition payment plan or other institutional financial assistance.