PHY 102 : Atoms, Matter, and Heat

Introduces properties of matter, heat and thermodynamics, and atomic and nuclear physics. Designed as a laboratory science course for non-science majors.


MTH 65 or MTH 98 accepted. Equivalent placement test scores also accepted.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of the properties of matter, thermodynamics, and atomic and nuclear physics to explain natural physical processes and related technological advances.
  • Use an understanding of elementary mathematics along with physical principles to effectively solve problems encountered in everyday life, further study in science, and in the professional world.
  • Design experiments and acquire data in order to explore physical principles, effectively communicate results, and critically evaluate related scientific studies.
  • Assess the contributions of physics to our evolving understanding of global change and sustainability while placing the development of physics in its historical and cultural context.

Additional Information

This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Science, Math, Computer Science/AAOT, Science, Math, Computer Science/AS, Science, Math, Computer Science/AAS, Science, Math, Computer Science/AGS, Science, Math, Computer Science/ASOT-B.

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