Planning your academics

A student should consult their academic advisor to plan their class schedule each term. Advisors will clear students for registration after their appointment.

To make the most of your time at OCCC, all students are strongly encouraged to have an academic plan. An academic planner template is available in the Resources section of the advising website. An academic plan can be used to determine:

  • expected completion date of a certificate
  • appropriate timeline to apply to a University
  • the impacts of part-time vs full-time schedules
  • any course sequences required


Before an advising appointment

  1. Review your academic plan. Were you able to complete all planned courses this term? Are you still planning on registering for the number of classes/credits shown on the plan next term?
  2. Review the course schedule. Are all the classes you planned for next term offered? Do the days/times, locations, and formats work with your schedule?
  3. Consider any changes needed.  Your academic plan is a flexible guide and can be adjusted if needed. Bring any concerns or ideas about changing your academic plan to the attention of your advisor. 


Planning to transfer to a 4-year school?

  • Students whose academic goals continue at another institution are encouraged to contact an advisor at their future school as soon as possible, and to apply for admission approximately one year before planned transfer.
  • The Oregon Coast Community College Catalog provides information about courses that will transfer to the Oregon four year public institutions. These courses are applicable to AAOT, ASOT, AGS and AAS degrees.
  • It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to check with the institution to which they plan to transfer to ensure they are completing transfer admission requirements and to confirm transferability of individual courses. 


Transfer Student Contact Information for Oregon's Public Universities

Eastern Oregon University 541-962-3672 or 800-452-8639

Oregon Institute of Technology/OregonTech
541-885-1000 or 800-422-2017

Oregon State University
541-737-2562 or 541-737-1000

Portland State University 503-725-3000 or 800-547-8887

Southern Oregon University 541-552-7672 or 541-552-6411

University of Oregon 541-346-1000 or 800-232-3825

Western Oregon University 503-838-8000 or 877-877-1593