Programs for High School Students

Navigate Program

Dual Credit Program

Expanded Options Program

Early College Program

Oregon Coast Community College offers a variety of options for High School students to participate in college courses and learn about the culture of college.

The Oregon Coast Community College Navigate Program serves as an umbrella program designed to inspire, inform, guide, and support students finding their way to – and successfully through – higher education. The Navigate Program supports Lincoln County students and families beginning in the 8th grade and continuing through completion of community college and on to employment or transfer. The Navigate Program maintains two key strategic initiatives:

1. Connect and enhance existing outreach and support activities across partners to encourage more students to complete high school and enter higher education.

2. Provide direct support and increase retention and success of first-generation and low-income students who enroll at OCCC.

Contact Ben Kaufmann, Navigate Program Manager, at for more information.

Dual Credit Program

Through OCCC's dual credit agreement with the Lincoln County School District, students may earn OCCC credits while they currently are enrolled in high school. Students who take high school courses equivalent to OCCC courses may qualify for OCCC credits in college- approved professional/technical courses. High school students should consult their high school counselors for more information.

Expanded Options Program

The Expanded Options Program helps students get a head start on college, at considerable savings, while they are still in high school. Under an agreement between Lincoln County School District (LCSD) and Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC), eligible and admitted LCSD juniors and seniors may take OCCC college courses at the College or online through the College, and receive simultaneous college and high school credit. Interested persons should speak to their high school counselor for more information.

Early College Program

The faculty, staff, and administration at Oregon Coast Community College (OCCC) want to ensure that all Lincoln County High School juniors and seniors who are "College Ready" have the opportunity to begin their post-secondary education and become successful college students. OCCC's Early College Program is committed to serving students in the community, including students of color, first-generation and low-income individuals.

Benefits of Early College include:

  • Earn high school and college credits concurrently (high school credit is granted at the discretion of the high school you attend
  • Get a head start on academic and career goals Experience the academic rigor of college classes
  • Save time and money

Students in Early College are Juniors and Seniors in high school that are mature enough socially, emotionally and educationally to operate in the adult college setting. Juniors and Seniors from Lincoln County School District including home schools and charter schools are eligible. All students must demonstrate they are college-ready. College ready is defined as placing into 100-level courses.

Tuition is at no cost to each student. Students are required to pay for fees and books. Limited scholarships are available. Additionally, students must provide their own transportation or use public transportation to attend OCCC.

To enter the Early College Program:

  1. Complete an admission application by starting here:
  2. Make an appointment with an OCCC academic advisor using our online appointment tool appointments/ to discuss placement into classes. Please bring your high school transcript to this appointment.
  3. Attend the REQUIRED Early College Program orientation at one of the following dates and times (Note: This orientation is not required for previously enrolled Expanded Options students. Students will register for classes using the My.OregonCoast student portal during this orientation.)

Students can register for one class per term tuition free and students will receive a 50% tuition reduction for additional classes taken in a term. Students may take up to s classes (one per term) through the Early College Program. Students are limited to three OCCC online classes through the Early College Program.

Subject Title Credit
AQS100 Introduction to Aquarium Science 4
ART102       Understanding the Visual Arts 4
ART103       Understanding New Media Arts 4
ART115       Basic Design - 2D Foundations 3
ART116       Basic Design - Color Foundations 3
ART117       Basic Design - 3D Foundations 3
ART131A      Drawing I 3
ART131B      Drawing I 3
ART131C      Drawing I 3
ART181A      Painting I 3
ART181B      Painting I 3
ART181C      Painting I 3
ART197       Artist's Skills/Practical Issues 3
ART204       History of Western Art 4
ART205       History of Western Art 4
ART206       History of Western Art 4
ART207       History of Asian Art (India) 4
ART208       History of Asian Art (China) 4
ART209       History of Asian Art (Japan) 4
ART210       Women In Art 4
ART213       Modern Art History - Art Since 1945 4
ART217       Comics Art & Literature 3
ART231A      Drawing II 3
ART231B      Drawing II 3
ART231C      Drawing II 3
ART237A      Life Drawing 3
ART237C      Life Drawing 3
ART253A      Ceramics I 3
ART253B      Ceramics I 3
ART253C      Ceramics I 3
ART256A      Ceramics II 3
ART256B      Ceramics II 3
ART256C      Ceramics II 3
ART270A      Printmaking I 3
ART270B      Printmaking I 3
ART270C      Printmaking I 3
ART271A      Printmaking II 3
ART271B      Printmaking II 3
ART271C      Printmaking II 3
ART277A      Life Painting 3
ART277B      Life Painting 3
ART277C      Life Painting 3
ART279A      Experimental Media 3
ART279B      Experimental Media 3
ART279C      Experimental Media 3
ART281A      Painting II 3
ART281B      Painting II 3
ART281C      Painting II 3
ART284A      Water Media I 3
ART284B      Water Media I 3
ART284C      Water Media I 3
ART287A      Water Media II 3
ART287B      Water Media II 3
ART287C      Water Media II 3
ASL101       First Year American Sign Language I 4
ASL102       First Year American Sign Language II 4
ASL103       First Year American Sign Language III 4
ATH101       Introduction to Biological Anthropology 4
ATH102       Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory 4
ATH103       Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 4
BA101        Introduction to Business 4
BA111        Introduction to Accounting 3
BA131        Introduction to Business Technology 4
BA206  Management Fundamentals 4
BA211        Principles of Accounting 4
BA212        Principles of Accounting II 3
BA213        Managerial Accounting 4
BA223 Principles of Marketing 4
BA226        Business Law 4
BI101        Biology 4
BI102        Biology 4
BI103        Biology 4
BI112        Cell Biology for Health Occupations 5
BI141        Habitats: Life of the Forest 4
BI142        Habitats: Marine Biology 4
BI143        Habitats: Fresh Water Biology 4
BI211        Principles of Biology 1 5
BI212        Principles of Biology 2 5
BI213        Principles of Biology 3 5
BI231        Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BI232        Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BI233        Human Anatomy & Physiology III 4
BI234        Microbiology 5
CAS133 Basic Computer Skills/MS Office 4
CAS170       Begining Excel 3
CAS171       Intermediate Excel 3
CAS216       Beginning Word 3
CAS217       Intermediate Word 3
CG100        College Survival & Success (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) 3
CH151        Preparatory Chemistry 5
CH221        General Chemistry I 5
CH222        General Chemistry II 5
CH223        General Chemistry III 5
CIS120       Computer Concepts I 4
COMM100      Introduction to Communication 4
COMM111      Public Speaking 4
COMM112      Persuasive Speaking 4
COMM140      Introduction to Intercultural Communication 4
COMM214      Interpersonal Communication: Process & Theory 4
COMM215      Small Group Communication: Process and Theory 4
COMM228      Mass Communication & Society 4
EC201        Principles of Economics: Microeconomics 4
EC202        Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics 4
ECE120       Introduction to Early Education and Family 3
ECE121       Observation & Guidance I 3
ECE122I      Environments & Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers 4
ECE123P      Environments & Curriculum for Preschool 4
ECE196       Teaming and Communication in ECE Settings 2
ED120        Introduction to Early Education & Family 3
ED131        Applied Learning Theory 3
ED224        Foundations of Education 3
ED251        Overview of Exceptional Learners 3
ENG197       Film Studies: Contemporary Themes and Genres 4
ENG201       Shakespeare: Early Works 4
ENG202       Shakespeare: Later Works 4
ENG204       Survey of English Literature 4
ENG205       Survey of English Literature 4
ENG207       World Literature - Asian (India) 4
ENG208       World Literature - Asian (China) 4
ENG209       World Literature - Asian (Japan) 4
ENG212       Biography and Autobiography 4
ENG213       Latin American Literature 4
ENG214       Literature of the Northwest 4
ENG216       Teen and Children's Literature 4
ENG222       Images of Women in Literature 4
ENG230       Environmental Literature 4
ENG237       Working-Class Literature 4
ENG240       Introduction to Native American Literatures 4
ENG244       Introduction to Asian-American Literature 4
ENG250       Introduction to Folklore and Mythology 4
ENG253       American Literature to 1865 4
ENG254       American Literature from 1865 4
ENG257       African-American Literature 4
ENG258       African-American Literature 4
ENG260       Introduction to Women Writers 4
ENG261       Literature of Science Fiction 4
ENG265       Literature of Social Protest 4
ENG266       Literature of War 4
ENG269       Wilderness Literature 4
ENG275       The Bible as Literature 4
ESR171       Environmental Science: Biological Perspective 4
ESR172       Environmental Science: Chemical Perspectives 4
ESR173       Environmental Science: Geological Perspective 4
FN225        Nutrition 4
G184         Global Climate Change 4
G201         Earth Materials and Tectonics 4
G202         Earth Surface Processes 4
G203         Evolution of Planet Earth 4
G207         Geology of the Pacific Northwest 3
G208         Volcanoes and Their Activity 3
GEO106       World Regional Geography 4
GEO206       Geography of Oregon 4
GS106        Physical Science (Geology) 4
GS107        Physical Science (Astronomy) 4
GS108        Physical Science (Oceanography) 4
GS109        Physical Science (Meteorology) 4
HE112        Standard First Aid & Emergency 1
HE242        Stress and Human Health 4
HE250        Personal Health 3
HEC 201 Family Partnerships in Education 3
HST101       History of Western Civilization: Ancient to Medieval 4
HST102       History of Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern 4
HST103       History of Western Civilization: Modern Europe 4
HST104       History of the Middle East 4
HST105       History of India and South Asia 4
HST106       History of China 4
HST107       History of Korea and Japan 4
HST201       History of the United States to 1840 4
HST202       History of the United States 1840-1914 4
HST203       History of the United States 1914 to Present 4
HST204       History of Women in the U.S.: Pre-colonial to 1877 4
HST205       History of Women in the U.S.: 1877 to Present 4
HST218       American Indian History 4
HST225       History of Women, Sex, and the Family 4
HST240       Oregon History 4
HST270       History of Mexico 4
HST271       History of Central America and the Caribbean 4
HST277       History of the Oregon Trail 4
HST279       Russian History II 4
HST285       The Holocaust 4
J103         Introduction to Media Writing 4
JPN261A      Japanese Culture 3
MP111        Medical Terminology 4
MTH105       Math in Society 4
MTH111       College Algebra 5
MTH112       Elementary Functions 5
MTH211       Foundations of Elementary Math I 4
MTH212       Foundations of Elementary Math II 4
MTH213       Foundations of Elementary Math III 4
MTH243       Statistics I 5
MTH244       Statistics II 4
MTH251       Calculus I 4
MTH252       Calculus II 4
MTH253       Calculus III 5
MTH254       Vector Calculus I 5
MUS101       Introduction to Music (Basic Materials) 3
MUS105       Music Appreciation 3
MUS108       Music Cultures of the World 3
MUS110       Fundamentals of Music 4
MUS111       Music Theory I (part one) 3
MUS112       Music Theory I (part two) 3
MUS113       Music Theory I (part three) 3
MUS203       Introduction to Music and Its Literature 3
MUS205       Introduction to Jazz History 3
MUS206       Introduction to the History of Rock Music 3
MUS207       Introduction to the History of Folk Music 3
PHL202       Ethics 4
PHL209       Business Ethics 4
PHY101       Force, Motion, and Energy 4
PHY102       Atoms, Matter, and Heat 4
PHY103       Sound, Light, and Electricity 4
PS201        U.S. Government 4
PS202        U.S. Public Policy & Democracy 4
PS203        State and Local Government 4
PS205        Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation 4
PSY101       Psychology & Human Relations 4
PSY201A      Introduction to Psychology - Part 1 4
PSY202A      Introduction to Psychology - Part 2 4
PSY213       Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience 4
PSY214       Introduction to Personality 4
PSY215       Human Development 4
PSY216       Social Psychology 4
PSY222       Family & Intimate Relationships 4
PSY231       Human Sexuality 4
PSY232       Human Sexuality 4
PSY236       Psychology of Adult Development and Aging 4
PSY239       Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 4
PSY240       Personal Awareness and Growth 4
R210         World Religions 4
SOC204       Sociology in Everyday Life 4
SOC205       Social Change in Societies 4
SOC206       Social Problems 4
SOC213       Diversity in the United States 4
SPA101       First Year Spanish - First Term 4
SPA102       First Year Spanish - Second Term 4
SPA103       First Year Spanish - Third Term 4
SPA201       Second Year Spanish - First Term 4
SPA202       Second Year Spanish - Second Term 4
SPA203       Second Year Spanish - Third Term 4
WR121        English Composition 4
WR122        English Composition 4
WR123        English Composition 3
WR227        Technical & Professional Writing 1 4
WR240        Creative Writing - Nonfiction 4
WR241        Creative Writing - Fiction 4
WR242        Creative Writing - Poetry 4
WR246        Advanced Creative Writing - Editing & Publishing 4
WS202        Women, Activism and Social Change 4

Designated transfer classes from the list below may be taken provided there is space available.


For more information about the Early College Program, email or call 541-867-8501.