Quick Contacts

Safety and Security

Emergency Numbers :  911 (or 9-911 from campus phones)  

Non-Emergency Numbers: 

  • Campus Safety Chris Rogers Facilities Manager 541-867-8549 chris.rogers@oregoncoastcc.org 

  • TCB Security, 541-574-2828 (after hours Newport only) 

  • Newport Police Department (541) 265-4231  

  • Newport Fire Department (541) 265-9461  

  • Lincoln City Police Department (541) 994-3636  

  • North Lincoln Fire & Rescue (Taft Station) (541) 994-3100 


Campus departments

Basic Skills Department Roberta Green 541-867-8535 roberta.green@oregoncoastcc.org 

Enrollment Services: Kimberly Jones Enrollment Services Manager/Registrar 541-867-8525 enrollment.services@oregoncoastcc.org 

Financial Aid Zane Stevens Financial Aid Specialist 541-867-8503 • finaid@oregoncoastcc.org 

GED Testing Dana Gallup Testing Specialist 541-867-8505 dana.gallup@oregoncoastcc.org

Gender-Based and Sexual Misconduct Cindy Carlson Dean of Students 541-867-8511 ccarlson@oregoncoastcc.org 

Instructional Services Dan Lara Dean of Academics and Workforce 541-867-8506 dan.lara@oregoncoastcc.org 

Library and Information Resources Darci Adolf Library and Information Resources Manager 541-867-8527 dadolf@oregoncoastcc.org 

Lost and Found Student Services 541-867-8501 

PHI THETA KAPPA ΦΘΚ (Beta Delta Lambda Chapter at OCCC) ΒΔΛ Laura Hamilton PTK Advisor lhamilton@oregoncoastcc.org 

Student Services Melissa Lewis Student Services Office Coordinator 541-867-8501 melissa.lewis@oregoncoastcc.org 

Tutoring Services Tutor Coordinator (541) 867-8502 tutoring.center@oregoncoastcc.org 

Veterans Services Layton Spence, Veteran's Liaison (541) 867-8503 layton.spence@oregoncoastcc.org


Additional contact information and the full faculty directory can be found on the OCCC website.