RD 90 : Reading 90

Improves reading through work on vocabulary development, motor skills, comprehension and some reading rate improvement.


  • Find and articulate the main idea and major details in a variety of written text: textbooks, literature, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Read critically and think critically, distinguishing fact from opinion and determining the author°s purpose and bias.
  • Use reading for pleasure, learning, and intellectual stimulation.
  • Employ vocabulary development strategies.
  • Adjust reading rate to the nature of the material.
  • Exhibit successful college student behaviors.
  • Perform successfully in Reading 115.

RD 115 : College Reading

Focuses on expanding reading frequency and effectively reading complex college level texts; Emphasizes comprehension strategies, critical reading and thinking skills, information literacy, vocabulary development, student success strategies and adapting reading rate to different reading tasks.




Equivalent placement test scores also accepted.

Improve reading rate, vocabulary and comprehension. Includes formation of efficient reading habits, vocabulary development, inferential and critical reading, and adapting reading rate to different reading tasks.

RD 117 : Advanced College Reading

Further exploration of topics covered in RD 115, emphasizing inferential, critical, and technical reading.




After successful completion of Reading 117, students will be able to:

  • Read textbooks and research material with increased effectiveness
  • Expand both general and specialized vocabularies
  • Develop inferential reading skills
  • Develop awareness and application of nuances, imagery, figurative language, connotation, symbolism, irony, and satire
  • Read not only with enjoyment but with a sense of enlightenment
  • Respond to texts both verbally and in writing, presenting ideas and opinions based on the reading
  • Access campus support services and other learning resources