R 210: World Religions

Credits 4
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Examines the major religions of the world, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Attention is given to their founders and history, myths and doctrines, rituals and traditions, and social and personal ethics. 

Course Outcomes

Upon successful completion students will be able to:

  • Articulate an understanding of the world’s religions to interact appropriately with practitioners of those religions.
  • Participate in a pluralistic society and global economy with an understanding of the variety of religious beliefs.
  • Engage in critical thinking in order to recognize and reflect on the impact of religion in different cultures and on global events.
  • Examine the history and development of the world’s religions, including their myths and doctrines, personal and social ethics, as well as their interactions with each other and how they are modified as they spread to surrounding cultures.

Equivalent placement also accepted.

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This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Cultural Literacy, Arts and Letters/ASOT-B, Arts and Letters/AAS, Arts and Letters/AGS, Arts and Letters/AS, Arts and Letters/AAOT.