Repeating Courses

  1. All course attempts and grades earned will appear on the transcript. If a course can be taken more than once for credit, the oldest grade for that course will be excluded only when the repeat limit is exceeded.
  2. The highest grade earned for a course will be calculated into the GPA and the total credits earned on the transcript; all other grades earned for that course will be excluded from the GPA and the credits earned.
  3. All course attempts will count toward credits attempted for federal financial aid purposes. With respect to course repeats, federal financial aid:
    • May not be used to retake a course if the student has previously received a passing grade that counts towards graduation requirements;
    • May be used to retake a course for which a student previously received a failing grade;
    • and will not fund additional retakes of a course if the student previously received a passing grade, retook the course and then received a failing grade.
  4. Once a course has been successfully completed, it will not be certified again for veterans benefits.

Because of these federal financial aid and veterans benefits provisions, and the fact that all course retakes count toward credits attempted, students with federal financial aid are advised to use course repeats sparingly, and encouraged not to retake courses for which they have received a passing grade.