Roles and Responsibilities

1) Students shall be responsible for selecting a grading option for each class they take at OCCC. Students who choose the Pass/No Pass Option must submit a complete Pass/No Pass Grading Option Agreement form to Enrollment Services by the deadline specified for each course each term.

2) Students receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Specialist prior to making a change to their grading option.

3) Transfer students should be aware that four-year institutions limit the number of pass/no pass credits that may be applied to a degree and frequently recalculate a student's grade point average by weighting each P as if it were a C or D and each NP as if it were an F from the traditional grade system.

4) Students who do not choose the pass/no pass Option will be graded using the traditional grade system using grades A, B, C, D, and F, as defined under "Grade Definitions."

5) Students shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their final grades on their academic transcripts.

6) Faculty shall inform students regarding their standing in class and refer students to other appropriate OCCC campus resources regarding issues outside the classroom related to tuition, financial aid, and graduation.

7) Faculty shall record earned grades for students.

8) Through its curriculum process the college may specify whether a specific grading option is available for each course. Therefore, some courses will be offered only with the traditional grade system or the pass/no pass option.

9) Students with complaints regarding grading or grades shall meet with the Vice President Student Affairs to seek redress for grading issues. To appeal a final course grade, students shall follow the grade appeal process defined in this catalog.