SOC 204: Sociology in Everyday Life

Credits 4

Introduces the sociological perspective and the scientific study of human social behavior. Focuses on the core concepts, theories, and research on human interactions within social groups and how people are shaped by their social locations (status, roles, race, class, sex, age, etc.) within society's structures, stratification systems, and institutions, and by cultural processes such as socialization and group dynamics.

SOC 205: Social Change in Societies

Credits 4

Explores how societies change by utilizing sociological perspectives to compare and contrast the impacts of changes on individuals and our social institutions (such as the family, economy, politics, education, and religion).

SOC 206: Social Problems

Credits 4

Applies the sociological perspective to the study of social problems, including their identification, analyses of causes and consequences, and considerations of possible solutions. Explores topics such as inequality, poverty, crime and delinquency, substance abuse, discrimination, domestic violence, the environment, global stratification, and international conflict.

SOC 213: Diversity in the United States

Credits 4

Frames social status differences within the context of social structure and culture. Examines how inequalities and privilege play out through social status and are reinforced through both culture and social structure. Includes statuses such as: race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, etc. Includes concepts such as: privilege, social stratification, cultural bias, institutional inequality, and social construction.

This course provides a sweeping sociological overview of diversity in the United States. While covering the specific areas of race, ethnicity, gender, age, social class, and sexual orientations, it also deals with topics generally related to diversity. For example, concepts and topics such as the following are typically included: racism, sexism, stratification, stereotyping and ethnocentrism, hate violence, youth violence, and immigration laws and impacts.

SOC 218: Sociology of Gender

Credits 4

Focuses on how socialization is affected by gender. Topics include how gender is reflected in culture through values, norms, language, media, power, violence, various theoretical approaches, significant social institutions, social movements and issues.