SPA 113C : First Year Spanish Conversation

Continuation of SPA 112C.

SPA113C is a first-year level course designed for students who wish to improve their ability to converse in Spanish. Students will have the opportunity to practice the structures and vocabulary they have worked with in first year Spanish courses. This course also provides review for students who are entering a second-year Spanish class. This is a three-credit transferable course, and it counts as an elective toward associate degrees.


Instructor permission also accepted.

Course Outcomes

The student:

  • communicates using common interactions in predictable settings and uses basic vocabulary, present tense, some present perfect, preterite and imperfect forms
  • begins to apply language-learning skills to various real-life situations
  • recognizes and begins to appreciate linguistic and cultural diversity within the Spanish speaking world

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Grading Options

Letter Grades


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