SPA 213C : Intermediate Spanish Conversation

Continuation of SPA 212C.

Spanish 213C is a second-year level course designed to improve student’s ability to converse in Spanish. It provides opportunity to practice the structures and vocabulary students have encountered or are encountering in their second-year Spanish course. This course is a good review course for students who wish to prepare for further study in Spanish or for those traveling to a Spanish-speaking country. This is a one-credit transferable course, and it counts as an elective for the associate degrees.


Instructor permission also accepted.

Course Outcomes

The student:

  • Initiates, sustains and brings to a close a number of basic, uncomplicated communicative exchanges.
  • Creates with the language by combining language elements in discrete sentences and string of sentences.
  • Recognizes and appreciates linguistic and cultural diversity within the Hispanic world.

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Grading Options

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