Technical Awareness and Computer Skill Requirements for Online Courses

Students registering for online courses must have modern, reliable computer equipment with a supported operating system (OS) installed. Cable, DSL, or high-speed wireless internet is required. Basic computer skills are required before registering for an online class. This includes, but is not be limited to: navigational skills using tabs, links, backarrows, and breadcrumbs; familiarity with logging into accounts, using email to communicate, sending attachments, uploading documents and photos, posting to forums, downloading and installing programs, searching the internet using a search engine, using a word-processor, and saving documents to a variety of locations.

Online courses require a lot of reading for directions and information. Students should have good reading and writing skills before registering for online classes. Online students need to be organized, self disciplined, and committed to be successful! Online courses require as much time as on-campus courses — do not assume they will be less work.