Types of course delivery

Course types - Online, Hybrid, Zoom, In-person

Courses at OCCC are delivered in one of four ways. Different sections of the same course may be offered using different delivery styles.


  • In person classes have all students and the instructor in a common location for lecture, lab, or other activities for all of the course instruction. In person classes generally meet twice per week, and the total amount of time will be approximately equal to 1 hour for every credit of the course. (For example, WR 121 is a 4 credit class, so it would meet twice per week, for about 2 hours each time. 2 hrs x 2 meetings = 4 hours.)
  • Zoom classes are in person classes where the students in the class are located in both Newport and Lincoln City. The instructor will be in one location and the class meeting will be conducted through real-time web conferencing using Zoom. 
  • Hybrid classes usually include one in-person meeting per week as well as a significant online component. Student should expect to spend several hours per week "in-class online" in hybrid courses.
  • Online classes are conducted completely through Canvas and have no in-person or specific class meeting times. Online classes are not self-paced and generally have deadlines at least once per week. There is a significant amount of lerarning through reading and writing in online classes. Additionally, students must be comfortable with technology and have reliable computer and internet access before enrolling in an online class. All students may use OCCC computer labs and printers anytime the campus is open. 

The course delivery method is listed in the course schedule. Not every student enjoys or experiences their best learning in the different delivery methods equally. Bring any concerns or requests for resources to your advisor.