Understand your rights and responsibilities as a student

As a student at OCCC you have a number of student rights as well as responsibilities. In this handbook policies on Academic Integrity, Auditing Courses, Standards for Academic Progress (SAP) and Student Record policies are highlighted. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with all policies that affect you as a student. Official OCCC, State, and Federal policies can be found in the College Catalog or on the OCCC website under "Student Consumer Information."


Examples of policies and procedures students should familiarize themselves with in the College Catalog include:

Animals on campus

Children on OCCC Properties

Computer Use Guidelines

Crime Awareness and Campus Security

Directory Information

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination


Student Conduct Expectations

Measures to Enforce Standards of Student Conduct

Tobacco Free Campus



Additionally, instructors may highlight policies in their syllabi. It is important that you are familiar with the content of all stated policies and set aside time before or early in your first term to read the complete text of each.

If you need assistance reading the student handbook, college catalog, or other OCCC online materials, or if you have questions about your rights or responsibilities as a student please contact your academic advisor or Student Services at 541-867-8501.