WLD 246A: Intermediate Pipe Welding Practice

Credits 3
Course Adoption Date
Audit Available

Introduces joining pipe in the 6G position per ASME Section IX Welding Code. Third class in a four course sequence. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This is a outcome based course utilizing a lecture/lab format. This course includes classroom discussions, videotapes, lab demonstrations and technical skills. Course outcomes will include theoretical concepts, layout, fabrication, welding, Oxyacetylene cutting, safety and environmental awareness, communication, computations and human relations.

Course Outcomes
  • Function safely in a welding shop environment.
  • Operate oxyacetylene portable and track cutting systems in accordance with industry standards.
  • Produce quality welds in the 6G position that meet the requirements in ASME Section IX Welding Code.
  • Apply the use of visual inspection tools as set forth in ASME Section IX Welding Code and industry standards.
Grading Options
Letter Grades