WLD 280A: Cooperative Education: Welding

Credits 1 4
Course Adoption Date
Audit Available

On-the-job experiences which allow for the application and development of knowledge and skills acquired in the on-campus program. Work experiences are offered for variable credit up to a maximum of four credits. Department permission required. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

Students may sign up for Cooperative Work Experience for the following job situations:

  • A welding job currently held
  • Placement on a new job site within the industry
  • An industry related internship

When possible, the OCCC Welding instructional staff and/or the Cooperative Education Specialist will assist in locating a suitable cooperative education work site. The student will develop a custom set of learning outcomes with the instructor of record and the job supervisor. The purpose of the cooperative work experience will be the development of a knowledge base of everyday “on the job” requirements.

Course Outcomes
  • Utilize skills and concepts learned in the classroom.
  • Function safely in a welding shop environment.
  • Demonstrate professional work ethics (habits).
  • Apply welding procedures in a variety of shop situations.
  • Enhance oral communication and job interview skills.
  • Improve interactions with supervisors and management.
  • Complete assigned duties individually or as a team.
  • Meet job timelines and schedules.
Grading Options
Letter Grades