WS 202: Women, Activism and Social Change

Credits 4
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Examines how women have worked to empower girls and women and improve the conditions of their lives. Explores ways that feminist theories have shaped the goals and strategies of social change efforts. Offers an in-depth look at selected topic areas, connects analysis and personal experience, and focuses on how to become an effective change agent.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Recognize influences of changing political, social, economic, religious, sexual, historical, and cultural patterns in the creation and perpetuation of injustice.
  • Evaluate effective possibilities for empowering women and working toward positive change in the lives of women.
  • Use feminist theoretical perspectives to analyze social change efforts.
  • Communicate effectively in writing, collaborating, and speaking to make feminist social change.
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Additional Information

This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Cultural Literacy, Social Sciences/AAOT, Social Sciences/AS, Social Sciences/AAS, Social Sciences/AGS, Social Sciences/ASOT-B.