WR 121: English Composition

Credits 4
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Audit Available

Offers broad preparation for both academic writing and professional communication. Includes composing for a variety of rhetorical situations, writing for both oneself, and for external audiences. Provides self-guided learning opportunities alongside more structured opportunities for practice with support as needed. Prerequisites: (WR 115 and RD 115) or equivalent placement. Audit available.

All courses in the composition sequence (WR 115, 121, 122) teach writing as a process, requiring revision over multiple drafts; require 2 instructor conferences; and include principles of citation.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • ADAPT: Experiment with different genres.  
  • INQUIRE: Locate relevant information sources in a process of inquiry.
  • CONNECT: Use rhetorical tools to convey and support a perspective.
  • REFLECT: Analyze their own learning in writing.

Or placement into WR 121.

Grading Options
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