WR 122Z: Composition II

Credits 4
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Audit Available

WR 122Z builds on concepts and processes emphasized in WR 121Z, engaging with inquiry, research, and argumentation in support of students’ development as writers. The course focuses on composing and revising in research-based genres through the intentional use of rhetorical strategies. Students will find, evaluate, and interpret complex material, including lived experience; use this to frame and pursue their own research questions; and integrate material purposefully into their own compositions.

Prerequisites: WR 121 or equivalent. Audit available.

All courses in the composition sequence (WR 115, 121, 122) teach writing as a process, requiring revision over multiple drafts; require 2 instructor conferences; and include principles of citation.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Apply rhetorical concepts to achieve writing goals within a given discourse community.
  2. Locate, critically evaluate, synthesize, and integrate multiple perspectives from a variety of sources.
  3. Engage in research and writing as recursive and inquiry-based processes, participating in the communal and conversational nature of academic discourses.
  4. Develop strategies for generating, drafting, revising, and editing texts based on feedback and reflection.
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