WR 227 : Technical and Professional Writing 1

Introduces technical and professional communications. Students compose, design, revise, and edit effective letters, memos, reports, descriptions, instructions, and employment documents. Emphasizes precise use of language and graphics to communicate complex technical and procedural information safely, legally and ethically. Two instructor conferences required.


Basic computer literacy and intermediate word processing skills also required.

Course Outcomes

Outcomes for this course require working through multiple drafts of several pieces of writing with time to separate the acts of writing and revising; in addition, the reading outcomes require time to read, reread, reflect, respond, interpret, analyze, and evaluate.

Upon completion of WR 227 with a "C" or better, the student will be able to:

  • Read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate complex technical and professional documents and visuals.
  • Design and produce the most commonly used business/professional communications.
  • Design and produce the most commonly used technical communications.
  • Design and produce communications specifically tailored to a number of different audiences who have diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, and who have various levels of expertise.
  • Design and produce communications that include visuals that are accurate, ethical, and accessible and from which more than one audience can extract the information quickly and easily.
  • Work and problem solve effectively with others to achieve a common communication goal, using collaborative techniques, respecting the work of colleagues, and meeting deadlines; listen and speak reflectively.

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