College Success and Career Guidance


CG 100: College Survival and Success

Credits 3

Provides information and techniques for time, money and self-management, including motivation, goal setting, and accepting personal responsibility for college success. Includes developing skills for navigating a culturally diverse learning environment and utilizing college resources and services.

CG 131: Careers in Aviation

Credits 1

This course introduces students to careers in aviation, a career path that offers high-paying, in-demand jobs. It will cover career opportunities in various fields of aviation, including aerospace engineering, air-traffic control, aircraft maintenance, aviation management, aviation safety, cabin crew, civil and military aviation, pilot training, flight instruction, and aviation transport. The course will emphasize professional airplane or helicopter pilot careers. It provides a general overview of pilot flight training, including certificates, ratings, and training aircraft used, and will also touch on future careers (unmanned aircraft UAS or drones).