ED 100 : Introduction to Education for Paraeducators

Explores the roles of a variety of personnel in schools. Includes personal responses to school situations, students, other personnel and the roles of schools in American Society. Examines ethical, legal, and administrative implications for educators. Recommended as an initial course for those contemplating a career in education. Course is designed to ease the transition of students to college-level study.

Course Outcomes

Students will:

  • Use an understanding of school issues in our society and the roles of various instructional personnel in schools in order to work effectively in a school setting;
  • Communicate effectively in situations relating to students, parents, and professional colleagues;
  • Use reason, decision-making, and complex problem-solving in school-related situations especially those regarding ethics and confidentiality;
  • Gather and present pre-employment materials (e.g., resume, cover letter, requests for letters of reference);
  • Use organizational skills appropriate for school settings;
  • Apply study skills necessary for college success

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Grading Options

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